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This should be an exciting project for any teacher looking to make a difference in the life of a deserving person. There are a number […]

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Volunteer Opportunities For All

Are you passionate about helping others from the comfort of your homes? Do you feel that you could play a great role in helping others […]

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Retired, but still want to help some student? Call the kid weekly, show you care, encourage Emotional Intelligence. (EI = good self-leadership + kindness.)

Offer friendship, love, guidance, and support to a student (6 to 19) by phone (or Zoom) once a week. That in itself can enhance emotional […]

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Therapeutic Horseback Riding Volunteers Needed – Fall 2020

We are happy to say Pride Stables will be running this fall and offers a unique volunteer opportunity! Volunteers are needed to lead horses or […]

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Pathways to Education Volunteer Tutors Needed

YouthLink’s Pathways to Education is a community based program designed to lower the dropout rate among high-school students from economically disadvantaged communities. The program offers […]

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