CloudMD Medical Second Opinion

Feel confident about your medical decisions

Highlights of the medical second opinion program for members

  • Convenience: The program offers a seamless experience, saving you time and effort of trying to find a second opinion. With a dedicated nurse care coordinator gathering your medical records, you can focus on your health, while CloudMD focuses on getting you a second opinion.
  • Experience and expertise: CloudMD’s extensive network of physicians and specialists will review your diagnosis. You can be assured you are receiving an expert second opinion you can trust.
  • Personalized approach: A nurse care coordinator will work with you throughout the entire medical second opinion journey. They will make sure you understand your diagnosis and care plan. They will also schedule an appointment with the specialist and make sure you understand your next steps.
  • Timely service: When you have a serious or complex health condition, every day counts. We gather your medical records and conduct a review. The nurse care coordinator is there to ensure your questions are answered in a timely manner.
  • Specialty expertise: CloudMD experts support your diagnosis and care plan with a wide range of health concerns, from cancer and cardiology to digestive diseases and osteoarthritis disorders.


How to get started using CloudMD medical second opinion service

Step 1 Call, email or send the referral form to CloudMD

Step 2 You will be contacted by a nurse care coordinator to gather all the medical information and answer questions/concerns.

Step 3 The medical information will be gathered and sent to a specialist to review the diagnosis and provide a second opinion.

Step 4. The nurse care coordinator will schedule an appointment with the specialist (virtual/in-person) for you to discuss the second opinion.


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