Hospital and convalescent care plan

Coverage and benefits

Hospital coverage for retirees

    • 95% reimbursement of the daily semi-private room rate
    • Private room charges are reimbursed based on the regular semi-private room rate

Convalescent facility and home care coverage for retirees

    • Covers up to 30 days per calendar year combined facility and home care
    • 80% reimbursement to a maximum of $75 per day after a hospital stay of at least 24 hours
    • Approved temporary stay in a convalescent care facility for the continued care of the same condition for which you were hospitalized
    • Up to three days of home care following non-elective day surgery to a maximum of $75/day
    • Someone without professional skills or training may provide convalescent home care provided they’re working under the supervision of a licensed home care agency or a home health care agency
    • The days of home care don’t need to be consecutive, but they must take place within 90 days of the date of discharge from the hospital
Convenience benefits
  • Claim payments are deposited directly to your bank account
  • Email notification of your claim payments
  • Annual benefit statement and tax letter
  • 24/7, secure, online access to claims and benefit information
Monthly premium
  Ontario*   Quebec*   All Other Provinces  
Single $17.51 $17.67 $16.21
Couple $34.96 $35.28 $32.37
Family $41.09 $41.47 $38.05
*Where required by law, applicable taxes have been included in these monthly premium rates (8% in Ontario and 9% in Quebec).
Our hospital insurance is popular among retired teachers and others who have retired from Canada’s education community, or who are still working and don’t have coverage through work. To be eligible for our group insurance coverage, you must
  • Be an RTOERO member (you can sign up when you apply for your coverage!)
  • Live in Canada
  • Be covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP)
Coverage is also available for spouses and dependent children residing in Canada and covered by a government plan. Full eligibility details
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