Membership FAQs

What does RTOERO offer in addition to group insurance plans?
RTOERO is pleased to provide many programs and services for our members. District social network: RTOERO districts are very active communities and social gatherings, events and activities – formal and informal – are routinely organized for members. Project Service to Others is one-way RTOERO gives back through annual grants to community-based organizations. Renaissance is our quarterly magazine published for our members. We run a scholarship program that provides funds to relatives of members. VenngoMemberPerks®  is included as part of our Extended Health Care Plan and includes savings on health and wellness, entertainment, restaurants and more.
Who can join RTOERO?
RTOERO is for anyone who has worked for at least five years in the education community in Canada. This includes:
  • Staff of public and Catholic schools and school boards
  • Staff from First Nations schools and education organizations
  • Staff from daycare and early years centres
  • Staff from private schools
  • Staff and faculty of colleges and universities, including contract staff
  • Staff from education associations
  • Trustees
  • Crossing guards
  • School transportation staff, including bus drivers
Your membership is free until you retire. Sign up now.
Q. Is the RTOERO annual membership fee tax deductible?
No. RTOERO membership gives members access to many programs, services and benefits. So, membership fees are not eligible for tax deduction. You will receive an email receipt confirming payment of your membership fee.
How do I join RTOERO?
It's easy! Fill out our member form and submit online or mail it in. We'll process your application as soon as possible, send your welcome package, and you can begin enjoying the benefits of membership.
Can I apply for membership online?
Yes, you can! Visit the membership page.
I am working in education. Am I eligible to join RTOERO now, or do I have to wait until I retire?
Join now! Your membership is free until you retire. If you join our health plans while you are still working, the membership fee will apply.
What are districts, and how do I know which one I can join?
RTOERO membership is divided into districts (chapters) based on geography. This allows members to participate in social, travel and leisure opportunities and become involved in volunteering in their local area and with local members. Find your district.
Can I join more than one district?
Each member is only able to join one district, but there are often opportunities, organized by us or the districts, that allow you to socialize with members from other districts!
Can I belong to a different district than the one I taught in or live in?
We have many members who have moved away from the area where they worked to a different area. Members may choose which district they wish to join but can only be a member of one district.
Who do I contact with my questions about joining RTOERO?
A staff member would be happy to answer your questions. You can either email [email protected] or call 416-962-9463 or 1-800-361-9888.
How much does it cost to join RTOERO?
Membership is free until you retire or join our health plans. If you are already retired, membership is free for the calendar year in which you join. After retirement, the membership cost is $73 per year. Visit our membership section for more information about the value of membership.
Are the membership fees monthly or annual?
The membership fee is annual.
When are the membership fees deducted from my pension?
If you receive a pension from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, you can opt to have your membership fee deducted directly from your pension. The fee is deducted from your January pension payment.