Imagine knowing your future health needs will be supported

Not all insurance coverage for retirees is equal—as a member-owned and run organization, your well-being is our priority. From health, dental and hospital to car, home and life insurance, we provide peace of mind through comprehensive and affordable plans.

Two steps to seamless coverage and peace of mind

Start your application before you retire. You’ll be automatically approved for your insurance without the need for additional medical information as long as you apply within 60 days of your previous group insurance ending. Usually, that’s within 60 days of your retirement date.

Step 1: Become an RTOERO member

Step 2: Complete the insurance application

Apply for insurance

Canada's top insurance plans for education retirees are made for you

  • Designed and managed by education sector retirees — our RTOERO members
  • Informed by what our members need at each stage of retirement
  • Cost-effective and high quality — based on our vision for healthy aging

Still working but without health benefits?

If you’re working in education but don’t have coverage through work and you’re 50+, we may be able to help.

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Insurance can be complex, but selecting it doesn’t need to be

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