You can rest assured—our health insurance plans for RTOERO members are well-established and evolve to meet your needs. Our Entente non-profit group insurance plans are managed by RTOERO on behalf of our members and administered by Johnson Inc., our partner for more than 30 years.

Group insurance plans

Health Care

Extended health care plan

  • $3,400 prescription drugs – 85% reimbursed
  • $400 vision care every 2 years – 80% reimbursed + $150/2 years for eye exams
  • $1,300 paramedicals – doctor referral not required
  • Comprehensive 93-day/trip travel insurance
  • Access to CloudMD’s medical second-opinion service​
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Dental Plan

Dental plan

  • Unlimited routine dental care – 85% reimbursed
  • $800 endodontics, & periodontics (root canals, etc.) & implant surgeries – 80% reimbursed
  • $800 crowns, posts, inlays – 50% reimbursed
  • $800 fixed bridges, partial dentures – 50% reimbursed
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Hospital Plan

Hospital and convalescent care plan

  • Unlimited semi-private hospital – 95% reimbursed
  • Convalescent/home care $75/day – 80% reimbursed
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Supplemental Travel

Supplemental travel

Supplemental travel insurance coverage: The supplemental travel insurance plans are available for members covered under the extended health care plan, which includes the RTOERO Travel Plan at no extra cost.

Supplemental Travel Plan: When purchased, the plan extends travel coverage for a trip that exceeds 93 days outside the province or territory of residence.

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Supplemental Travel

Trip cancellation and interruption travel insurance

For RTOERO members who are not in the extended health care plan, this product helps protect you against unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from travelling or from completing a trip as planned.

Supplemental Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Plan: When purchased, the plan provides trip cancellation/interruption coverage up to $12,000 per insured for a specific trip.

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Individual insurance plans

Car & Home Insurance

Car and home insurance

RTOERO members save up to 40% on home and car insurance, plus receive exclusive benefits after age 50. It’s easy to get a no-obligation quote.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance

RTOERO members between 50 and 85 get guaranteed acceptance for universal life insurance regardless of health. Members between 45 and 70 can receive term coverage of up to $150,000 by answering five simple medical questions.

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Life Accidental Death

Accidental death & dismemberment

Receive financial protection in the event of a serious accident. Guaranteed acceptance for members and their spouses under age 85.

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