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Whether you’re already retired, close to retirement, or it’s years away, there’s a place for you at RTOERO. We believe in a better future—together, and we’ll support you throughout your career and beyond.

What’s better than a chance to win $5000 for yourself? Giving away $5000 to causes that need it.

Activate your free membership before Nov. 29 and you can win one of five $1000 donations to a Canadian charity of your choice.

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You must join by 11:59 p.m. EST on Nov. 28 to be entered in the draw. Winners will be contacted on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29.

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Membership is FREE until you retire. Then just pay $73/year.

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RTOERO is for everyone in the education community in Canada

  • Private school, First Nations, public/Catholic schools and school boards
  • Early years staff
  • Post-secondary faculty and staff
  • Ministries of Education, education associations, student transportation

Deep gratitude that I belong to RTOERO. The benefits like the ones we have are not always available to others. Love the large medical and trip cancellation insurance coverage—have saved a ton of money. — Janice

Enjoy the perks of membership

Belonging is essential throughout life, and especially when you’re getting ready for one of life’s major transitions—retirement. So, whether your retirement is now, soon, or years off, our membership brings perks, peace-of-mind and that oh-so-good feeling of being part of something more.

Health benefits and group insurance options


  • Save up to 40% on car/home insurance
  • 3000+ discounts with Venngo MemberPerks
  • Exclusive travel discounts

Unique programs and services

  • Support as you prepare for retirement and to help you through the transition
  • Social events and volunteer activities in your community
  • Day trips, excursions and group travel
  • Bilingual services and francophone districts

Giving back

  • Apply for $4000 grant for a charity you volunteer with
  • Scholarships for family members

Award-winning publications

  • Quarterly lifestyle magazine Renaissance
  • Monthly e-newsletter
  • Tax Tips – comprehensive resource to help you at tax season
  • Pocket Planner calendar

Political advocacy

  • Vibrant Voices – political advocacy campaign
  • Sharing the views of members with federal, provincial and municipal governments across Canada

Research and education

  • RTOERO Foundation, funded by member donations, supports research on healthy aging
  • Foundation offers education and awareness about the issue of social isolation

I am looking forward to retirement and recently attended an RTOERO retirement planning event. I was very pleased with the workshop and all the information presented. I’m very glad to know about the benefit plans offered, as well as the social events. RTOERO is a great organization! — Judy

Join FAQs

Do I need to provide payment info to get the free membership?
No, you don’t need to provide payment info to sign up for your free membership. You can join with no obligation—though most who join do continue their membership throughout retirement!
Do I need to be a member to access the insurance programs?
Yes – our popular and comprehensive group insurance plans are member-owned and run, which means they’re only available to members. If you’re ready for insurance, you can get your membership when you fill out the insurance application. Learn about our plans.
How do I connect with other members?
Social support is so important, especially as we move on from our daily working life. We have 51 districts (chapters) across the country that run events for members, including volunteer activities, travel, advocacy work and more.