Goodwill member services

Be part of the caring, compassion and celebration

We know how important human connection is to our well-being. We’re at risk of social isolation as we age.

Our Goodwill activities provide ongoing support and connection. Each district receives a grant to support goodwill activities.

Goodwill activities

Activities vary by district and are decided by the volunteers who run the goodwill program based on the local needs and interests. They may include:

  • Celebration of significant milestones including anniversaries, special birthday and accomplishments
  • Personal visits, including in times of sickness or after experiencing death or trauma
  • Participation in local Remembrance Day activities and the laying of a wreath on behalf of the district
  • Special luncheons and other activities designed to promote engagement among members
  • Memorial tables or activities for members who have died
  • Transportation support for members who need help getting to events
  • Ongoing support for members in need of help to assist with errands, attending appointments, letter writing, connecting with community services and more

Become a goodwill volunteer

Connect with your district if you’re interested in getting involved in goodwill activities. Volunteering is a great way to build new connections and to continue to use your skills or learn new ones.

Do you believe in the importance of keeping seniors engaged?

Many of our members support the RTOERO Foundation because of its focus on addressing social isolation and other issues facing aging Canadians.

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