Diversity, equity and inclusion policy


RTOERO is committed to building and fostering an organization which values diversity, equity and inclusion by encouraging respect for dignity, beliefs and ideas consistent with the principles outlined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

This policy applies to all RTOERO members, including Board and Committee leaders, all staff as well as individuals acting on behalf of RTOERO.

Policy objectives

RTOERO is dedicated to:

  • the removal of barriers
  • the elimination of discrimination and harassment
  • the training and promotion throughout the organization of diversity, equity and inclusion


For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply.

Equity – Equity is the result of a comprehensive pro-active strategy designed to ensure that all members of society have fair and equitable access to opportunities. Equity initiatives may include removing or neutralizing barriers that might limit the participation of individuals in RTOERO.

Diversity – Diversity refers to characteristics that make people different from each other. As listed in the Ontario Human Rights Code, these differences include race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability. Diversity is about the individual, it is about the variety of unique dimensions, qualities, and characteristics we all possess.

Inclusion – Inclusion is about the collective culture in the organization. It is about creating a culture that strives for equity and embraces, respects, includes and values differences.

Barriers – A barrier means anything that prevents a person from fully participating because of a disability. Barriers are often hidden in the rules, procedures, policies and operations of organizations. These barriers limit an individual’s access to services, programs, facilities, as well as the economic, social and cultural participation of people with visible or invisible diversity. Barriers prevent underrepresented groups from maximizing their contribution to the organization.

Commitment to positive action

RTOERO is committed to building awareness and understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the organization and will advance this commitment through the following actions:

Enhancing diversity initiatives

With a goal of being reflective of the Canadian demographic profile, ensure equity, diversity and inclusion actions in RTOERO are explicitly and positively considered in:

  • election to Board of Directors, committee appointments and staff recruitment
  • advancement, professional growth and evaluation
  • hiring, compensation and recognition
  • working conditions, availability of support services and retention efforts
  • the vision and mission of the organization

Fostering and sustaining diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Include diversity, equity and inclusion training during onboarding of all members, Board and Committee leaders and members as well as all staff
  • Include the RTOERO commitment to DEI in communication and publication materials such as Renaissance, Liaison, Communique, e-mail, social media, RTOERO and district website and newsletter content
  • Develop and include a statement of commitment to DEI on board and staff e-signatures and RTOERO letterhead

Building leadership and accountability

  • Transform organizational culture by incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion training throughout the organization
  • Involve the board and senior management team in leading the DEI transformation

Monitoring the policy

  • The DEI policy shall be reviewed and its implementation and effectiveness evaluated every two years.
  • RTOERO shall review and recommend changes to all relevant policies, procedures and practices through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

Communicating the policy

RTOERO will take steps to make certain that the diversity, equity and inclusion policy is well communicated to and respected by all members, board and committee leaders, all staff and to all preferred partner and sponsoring organizations.

Approved: Jan. 12, 2022