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Consider these options for your pets while travelling

Travelling brings joy and adventure into our lives, but it can also bring stress if you’ve got a pet at home! Deciding whether or not you should bring fido along, or wondering if your sister will once again take care of the cat, increases the to-do list of travel preparation. When it comes to planning your trip, consider the following when it comes to your pets.

In-home pet boarding

One of the many advantages of the internet is being able to hire a professional pet sitter at your fingertips. If you require in-home pet boarding, whether at their place or yours, you can search for companies which have a large network of professional sitters. This is a great option for those who choose to travel last minute. Users can find a sitter based on their preferences and can often meet the sitter prior to ensure they’re the right fit for their furry friend.

Pet-friendly accommodation

If you choose to take your pet along with you, there is no need to worry about places to stay, many hotels and bed and breakfasts are pet-friendly. If you’re booking through a travel agent be sure to ask for pet-friendly accommodations. Alternatively, if you’re booking online simply click the Pets Allowed box. Having your pet with you at your home-away-from home can be fun for the both of you!

Travelling with your pet

Whether travelling by train or airplane, many companies will allow pets to accompany you in the cabin under the seat in front of you or larger pets in the cargo hold. There are also exceptions made for pets who are emotional support animals or service animals. Be sure to check with the travel company before booking that they provide this type of service in addition to any stipulations. Don’t forget to look into rules and regulations when bringing your pet into a new country, prior to your travels.