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Our 10 most popular blogs of 2023

As we get ready to wrap up 2023, we’re doing our usual retrospective look at the year, including a dive into our analytics. What are people interested in when it comes to retirement planning and insurance?

Top 10 blogs from our website

Our web analytics back up what we’ve heard from future retirees: people want information to help with the practical tasks of preparing for retirement.

Wondering what to do in retirement? Here are 50 ideas

You’ve likely thought a lot about finances while planning for retirement, but it’s also important to consider your well-being and activities too.

5 tips for giving an amazing retirement speech

RTOERO CEO and award-winning communicator Jim Grieve has delivered hundreds of speeches through the years and has attended many retirement events. In this short video, he shares his best tips for giving an amazing retirement speech.

5 retirement messages for colleagues

Knowing where to start when writing retirement messages for colleagues can be hard. Maybe you’ve been asked to give a toast about a colleague at a retirement event, or you want to send a card or email with good wishes—let us help!

What to include in your retirement letter (plus a template!)

If you’re preparing for retirement, your retirement planning checklist probably includes writing your retirement letter. This post has tips and a template to get you started.

3 Canadian retirement planning spreadsheets you need

We’ve gathered up a few retirement planning spreadsheets that will help you get clear on the tasks involved in planning for retirement and answer your retirement income questions.

5 conversations to have before you retire

Like other significant life changes (marriage, childbirth, relocation), there are things to do to prepare for retirement—and some meaningful conversations to have before the big day.

Retiring this year: Month-by-month retirement planning

We’ve broken down the tasks covered in our blog post about everything you need to think of to retire in Canada into a month-by-month schedule.

Do I need health insurance for prescriptions when I retire?

If you’re shopping around for insurance options for retirement, one of the items you may have looked into is coverage for prescription drugs. This post offers factors to consider.

Plan for retirement in Canada: What you need to know

All the steps involved with preparing for retirement might seem a bit daunting, even if you feel ready to retire. We’ve compiled a list of what you need to know to plan for retirement in Canada to help.

How to create an inventory of important documents and contacts

An inventory of essential documents is valuable to you and will be helpful to your family, your power of attorney, your executor and your lawyer. Share this information and review it regularly.

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