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Online and phone therapy Dr. Kathy McDermott Registered Clinical Psychologist (Reg. # 2818)

I am a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience.
My clients come because they are sad, fearful, angry or grief stricken. Some suffer from “Covid Aftermath” and need support in reconnecting with people and activities they once enjoyed. Some are experiencing painful losses or care-giver fatigue. Some are “haunted” by past trauma or are driven by obsessions, compulsions and addictions that interfere with daily living. Seniors come to explore end of life issues and ease the sorrows and regrets that come with a life long-lived.
I offer both an active approach: Goal setting/developing strategies to overcome challenges to change. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) schema for this work.
Or a less structured one: Reflecting on life and charting new courses of action. I actively listen and provide gentle clinical support and guidance during this type of therapy.
Therapy is conducted online (using secure Doxc.me – no app needed) or by phone. All consultations are free.

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(647) 292-2263

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