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Former RTOERO teacher has written a book.
This is my mother’s story. After many years of her insistence to put down the events of her life in written word, this is the end result. Although she shares her ill-fated destiny with thousands of others, it is her personal story alone. I gathered these events from her words, as well as from napkins and scraps of paper she would write on in the middle of the night when dreams of cruelty and starvation in Siberia and the Middle East would awaken her. Her brother Tony, her sister Josephine and her lifelong friend, Stella, helped in recalling events my mother forgot or chose to forget in the narration of this epic saga of her life. She wants people to know of the horrific trials she, her family, and thousands of others like her suffered during World War II. It is a nightmare she relives to this day.

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