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Retired, but still want to help some student? Call the kid weekly, show you care, encourage Emotional Intelligence. (EI = good self-leadership + kindness.)

Offer friendship, love, guidance, and support to a student (6 to 19) by phone (or Zoom) once a week. That in itself can enhance emotional intelligence. (EI correlates highly with success and happiness in school and in life.)

So many children can benefit from an adult outside the family that they trust and feel comfortable with. Volunteer teachers can fill that role wonderfully. Even now, schools are being asked to recommend students who wish to talk with a retired teacher each week. Would you like a girl or a boy? What age?


  • Listen to what they want to share (interests, experiences, challenges, questions, ideas, goals)
  • Inquire what’s happened recently that they feel grateful for.
  • Discuss how they are kind to themselves. And to others.
  • For young children, just read a story and talk about it.
  • For teens, encourage values that support EI. (4 are outlined on the website. For an e-book on each value, just ask.)

Please respond. Help one more kid.

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