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Be a Retired Teacher Tutor for Happiness

Have you some extra love to offer a student on the phone once a week as a friend/mentor?


Retired teachers have wisdom which would be wonderful to share with a student on the phone (or Zoom) weekly.  Get matched with a girl or boy (6 to 21) who needs you.

Five ideas:

* Just read to the child and discuss the story. Kids love a good story geared to them.

* Listen lovingly to what the student wants to share (interests, experiences, problems, questions)

* Inquire how they are kind to themselves.  And to others.  (But don’t ask personal questions too soon.)

* Ask what they’re grateful for.  (Gratitude isn’t innate; it takes training. It correlates with higher grades. Happiness too.)

* Discuss these 4 values with older students:

1 – I Value Who I Am (for a happy relationship with myself).

2 – I Value Win-Win Relationships (for good interpersonal relationships).

3 – I Value My Power to Choose (to make strong, wise choices).

4 – I Value My Mind, My Body (for mental and physical health).


These 4 values are outlined on the website:  For an eBook on each value, just ask.


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