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What’s RTOERO?

What's RTOERO? What's RTOERO?

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So glad I chose RTOERO. It is the best for benefits, seniors’ advocacy and travel insurance…best of all it is member owned. — Linda Toth

#1 insurance for education retirees

We offer Canada’s top insurance for education retirees. Our group plans are member-owned and run—and we’re non-profit, which means our top priority is you and your well-being.

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RTOERO Foundation

Giving back

  • Our foundation is responding to the urgent need to support Canada’s aging population.
  • We fund geriatric research, training for health care providers and innovative community programs—our approach is comprehensive and designed to create lasting change.
  • We believe in fostering respect, self-determination and social connection for older adults in Canada.
giving back

Our partners

Johnson Inc.
Canadian Health Coalition
Choosing Wisely Canada
Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario
McMaster Optimal Aging Portal
National Association of Federal Retirees
Merit Travel
National Institute on Ageing (NIA)
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