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3 erreurs à éviter dans le choix d’une assurance voyage

Travel remains a top priority for many RTOERO members – both retired and actively employed. More than half of respondents to the 2023 Future Retirees survey chose globe-trotter as the retirement personality that describes them. 

It’s important to consider what travel insurance makes the most sense for you at every stage of life, and it can help to know what pitfalls to watch out for.

Recently, Shane Thom, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Project Operations at Intact Financial, presented Travel Insurance 101 for RTOERO members and guests as part of our Focus webinar series. This list of mistakes to watch for was pulled from his talk. Members can access the full webinar in our learning community now.

Your travel coverage through RTOERO

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Actively employed members can add trip cancellation and interruption insurance to complement their existing medical coverage. Learn more.

Avoid these travel coverage mistakes

Mistake 1: Defaulting to the cheapest or most convenient travel insurance plan without checking coverage and eligibility

Don’t default to your credit card coverage or assume you have medical travel coverage as part of your work benefits plan without checking to see what’s included and that it covers your needs. For example, in some credit card plans, coverage is based on age and is limited to a specific length of trip.

Insurance is one of those things in life that you hope you never need to use – that’s because you purchase it for unforeseen circumstances, which are sometimes life-altering events.

Think about it: What would have you cancel your six-week vacation throughout Asia? What emergency might land you in hospital while hiking to Kjeragbolten in Norway?

Travel insurance provides peace of mind when you don’t need it and a life raft when you do. That’s why it’s important to take it seriously. Know your coverage before you travel.

Mistake 2: Thinking there’s a one-size-fits-all approach

Choose coverage based on your unique scenario. Different circumstances may require a different approach. And your needs can change based on your stage of life.

  • A weekend trip out of your province/territory to visit family might warrant medical-only coverage.
  • If you’re employed, have medical travel coverage through an employer plan and are planning family trips out of the country, then interruption and cancellation insurance might be all you need to add.

 RTOERO members who aren’t part of the Extended Health Care Plan can access our trip cancellation and interruption coverage. It’s multi-trip annual coverage, ideal if you and your dependents travel more than once per year.

For Canadian education retirees, our Extended Health Care plan includes the RTOERO Travel Plan, providing medical and cancellation and interruption coverage for unlimited trips outside of your province or territory of residence of up to 93 days per trip.

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Mistake 3: Only considering big vacations or cruises as travel and ignoring smaller trips

Travel is any time you step foot out of your province or territory of residence. You might not consider a quick cross-border shopping trip to be travel, but it is, and emergencies can happen at any time. Ensuring you have medical coverage for such a trip is critical as the healthcare costs in the United States can be extremely high.

When travelling in Canada, trip cancellation and interruption insurance is still necessary, and you may want medical coverage, too. Be sure you know what’s covered under your provincial/territorial health plan should you have medical needs while out of province. The coverage varies across Canada.

Provincial and territorial coverage doesn’t cover every medical cost, so medical coverage may still benefit you if you travel within Canada.

Travel insurance is a key part of travel planning

Everything we do at RTOERO is designed to support our members. The travel coverage included in our extended health plan and the trip cancellation and interruption coverage available to all RTOERO members are designed to help you travel worry-free.

We can’t stop major and sometimes life-changing events from happening to us, but we can have a safety net in place if they do.

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