Our story

Our foundation was formed in 2011 by RTOERO members to raise and invest funds in research and programs that benefit Canada’s aging population.

The health and well being of older adults in Canada is a priority for RTOERO members. The foundation’s work aligns with RTOERO’s focus on aging well, maintaining social connection, giving back and advocacy.

Thanks to the generosity of RTOERO members and other donors, we’re helping to secure better futures for us all.

What we invest in

Our foundation is among the few Canadian foundations focused exclusively on healthy and active aging. We invest strategically in three critical activities through our grant program:

  • Geriatrics research: Initiatives that take a scientific approach to an examination of healthy aging, health services, and the quality of life for older adults.
  • Seniors’ health & wellbeing: Initiatives that have as their primary focus, improved physical, mental and/or social health and wellness among older adults.
  • Social engagement: Initiatives that have as their primary focus, improved social engagement for older adults.

How we’re funded

We don’t receive any government funding. We’re funded through donations from individuals—RTOERO members and other donors. We also receive corporate support.

Thank you to our corporate supporters