The RTOERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto is held by Dr. Paula Rochon.

Dr. Rochon and her group conduct research related to aging and older adults and the societal health challenges facing older adults. They also work to make sure health care practitioners and professionals in related fields understand the latest research and how it may apply to their work.

Current areas of focus include:

  • improving providers’ understanding of how to more safely and effectively prescribe drugs to older people
  • identifying and understanding factors associated with aging well, and identifying potential challenges, such as loneliness and care giving

Through her research group, Dr. Rochon mentors graduate students who are studying geriatrics.

History of the endowment

The endowment was created in 2014 thanks to the support of RTOERO.

Valued at $3 million, the endowment supports the chair’s research program. The chair and her research group also seek funding from other external sources. The interest from the endowment will continue to support ongoing research.

Updates and research

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