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Utiva helps the RTOERO Foundation celebrate Mother’s Day with a matching gift

For Mother’s Day 2021, the RTOERO Foundation created a unique eblast campaign to raise funds and celebrate the mothers in our lives. What made this campaign even more impactful is that their partner, Utiva, matched all donations.

RTOERO members generously donated $2,070 to the campaign. With the dollar-for-dollar matching gift from Utiva, a total of $4,140 has been made to the Foundation.

The RTOERO Foundation extends a sincere thanks to all of the RTOERO members who donated to the campaign, and to its generous partner, Utiva. The RTOERO Foundation will run another campaign for Father’s Day, another great time to give.

About Utiva

Utiva is a Canadian founded and owned company with a particular focus on natural urinary tract health and UTI prevention.The company was built on the belief that everyone deserves the best care for their urinary tract health. Their products are simple, natural and developed with a team of medical professionals to combat UTIs once and for all – this means no more need for antibiotics.