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Technology helps bridge the generation gap

Technology helps bridge the gap between generations. The whole family benefits when grandparents get online to connect and stay connected with their friends and grandchildren. It helps them understand each other’s lives and forge a stronger relationship.

The way children learn and play today is much different from the way we did. Today, kids spend a lot of time online playing video games, texting, posting on social media and using apps for learning. All of this may seem quite different to older generations but technology definitely has a place in everyone’s life, no matter your age.

  • As grandchildren and younger people in your life get older, they can teach you a thing or two about technology like how to build new knowledge and skills by taking online classes using Zoom, how to stay connected to family and friends using email or how to keep mentally stimulated by playing online games like Sudoku and Scrabble.
  • Asking your grandchildren to teach you how to use new technologies is mutually beneficial. Having your grandchild take on the role of teacher helps them foster a love of learning. When given opportunities to take on challenges and experience successes, children develop a greater sense of self-confidence; especially as they teach something new to someone who is older and wiser. 
  • Grandparents are playing a more essential role as caregivers these days, but as kids spend more time online and face fluctuating online school schedules, it’s hard for grandparents to keep up if they’re not comfortable with the technology. Taking the time to learn how to use the same technology your grandchildren are using and becoming more patient with technology will allow you to be part of the younger generation’s educational journey.

So embrace new technology! Not only can it open a whole new world of learning, but it can also help bridge the gap between the ages.