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Stepping out and staying social this spring

Spring is an exciting time, signaling new beginnings and growth in both nature and individuals. The weather is warming after a long and isolating winter and there are many things to do indoors and outdoors!

Build a (socially and environmentally friendly) community.

It’s the perfect season to get to know more people in your community. Try filling your spring social calendar by attending local school plays, supporting the local theatre shows, participating in local food drives and getting to know library by making use of free programs.

If you have a hard time meeting others in your community, create a common interest. Start by inviting neighbours to co-host a garage sale after spring cleaning or to participate in a shared community garden. In almost any group you can identify roles like “the cook”, “the gardener” or “the socialite.” Our areas of strength can be enjoyable arenas to both mentor and learn. Arrange a casual schedule with others wherein you each indulge in each other’s’ passions – sometimes the easiest way to get to know new people is by sharing some of what you know!

Learn something new.

Take a class about something you’ve always wanted to learn. Keep an eye out online, in newspapers and on local bulletin boards for free and discounted classes, courses and clubs.

Get outside and explore.

You can always be a tourist in your own city. Take local tours, participate in local pub crawls, visit food fairs, parks or tea rooms. Get outside with a cellphone or a map and see where you end up – oh the places you might go!