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Stay safe in the kitchen with these tips

Growing up, many of us have had memorable moments in the kitchen, whether it’s from cracking that first egg or the smell of grandma’s famous cookies. It is always important to be reminded of the dangers present in the kitchen before finding yourself in a bad situation!

  • Stay present in the kitchen when you are cooking, especially when doing so with oils or a high degree of heat. One of the leading causes of kitchen fires is cooking food left unattended.
  • Always exercise caution with hot foods. Any contact with hot liquids or grazing your arm in an oven can cause nasty burns.
  • Anything that can catch fire, such as oven mitts and bags should be kept away from the stovetop. As well, try to avoid wearing loose fitted clothing while cooking. Your clothes can catch fire if you aren’t careful enough and they happen to come in contact with the stove.
  • Keep your kitchen clean, immediately wipe up floor spills. You don’t want to slip on your floors while holding a sharp knife, or drop that pot of pasta on the floor.

Follow these quick tips and stay safe. Cooking is an art, so always remember to enjoy it. Article courtesy of Johnson Inc., our RTOERO’s insurance partner for more than 30 years.

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