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RTOERO urges collective action towards sustainable, just future at federal advocacy event

RTOERO volunteers and staff met with federal MPs and government officials during its second Advocacy on the Hill event on April 24 and 25. During virtual meetings both days and an in-person reception on April 25, RTOERO Board of Directors, Political Advocacy Committee members and senior staff dialogued with MPs and government staff about RTOERO’s key advocacy issues:

  • Seniors strategy, including a national strategy for addressing ageism, supporting initiatives that foster age-friendly communities and rights for Ontario’s aging population
  • Geriatric health care, including geriatric training that focuses on holistic and upstream care and addressing elder abuse
  • Environmental stewardship, including environmentally sustainable transportation, protecting ecosystems and safeguarding the water supply and drinking water

“The pandemic magnified the pre-existing fractures in our social service structure—for older adults and other vulnerable groups,” says Martha Foster, chair of RTOERO’s Board of Directors. “We have an opportunity now to work together and rebuild the system collaboratively—we can’t squander this chance.”

RTOERO white papers on its key issues were shared with MPs and staff covering various ministries. RTOERO offered its expertise and insight to help improve the lives of seniors in Canada. The RTOERO team urged officials and MPs to take collective action toward a more sustainable and just future for all Canadians.

Notes Foster, “RTOERO members, and many Canadians, want and expect change, and we want to be part of it. The question is, collectively, what legacy do we want to leave? What really matters?”

In addition to advocacy, RTOERO focuses several initiatives on these key priority areas, including:

  • Funding for research related to geriatrics and innovative solutions to support the social inclusion of older adults through the RTOERO Foundation
  • Scholarships for post-secondary students studying fields related to geriatrics and supporting Canada’s aging population
  • Community grants to support and partner with local organizations to improve the lives older adults.
  • Webinar series for members and guests to provide deep learning on various topics related to healthy aging, advocacy, environment and more


RTOERO is a bilingual trusted voice on healthy, active living in the retirement journey for the broader education community. With 83,000+ members in 51 districts across Canada, we are the largest national provider of non-profit group health benefits for education retirees. We welcome members who work in or are retired from the early years, schools and school boards, post-secondary and any other capacity in education. We believe in a better future, together!

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