Help fundraise

Many people in your network may care
about healthy aging, but they may not
know what to do about it—you can help!

Fundraising ideas

  • Run a fundraiser with your RTOERO District.
  • Host a dinner party in support of social connection. Invite your guests to donate an amount of their choosing to our foundation. At the start of the dinner, talk briefly about the value of social connection and the risk of social isolation for older adults. You can have a laptop or tablet set up so your guests can make their donation online from your event.
  • Invite your friends to take part in a 5 km walk or run with you and collect pledges from your networks to donate to our foundation.
  • Run a fundraiser through Facebook for your birthday.
  • Donate the proceeds from a garage sale to our foundation.
  • Tell your church or other faith centre about the foundation and propose that you run a fundraiser together.

Have you run a fundraiser for our foundation? We’d love to hear about it. Be sure to contact us to share your experience.

Make a tribute gift

Donating in memory is a beautiful way to honour a friend or loved one.