Download the ultimate retirement planning resource bundle for Canadian education workers

We’ve packaged our most popular retirement planning resources to help you get retirement ready with confidence.

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“Retirement is a big life change. Overwhelmingly, folks tell us they want to know more about insurance for retirement and would like help with practical retirement to-do tasks. Our resource bundle gives you those practical tips and tools to help you at every stage.”

— Jim Grieve

Ease into retirement

  • Get clear on the tasks and steps involved in retiring from the education sector in Canada
  • Save time searching for links and forms for all the government information you need
  • Imagine your retirement lifestyle and prepare for the freedom of life after daily work

What’s included

  • Customizable retirement planning checklist – Create your own to-do list, starting from our prepopulated Excel spreadsheet.
  • Template retirement letter – use this Word template to craft your own letter.
  • Your life by design ebook – Retirement planning is about more than finances. You can plan for joy too!
  • Procrastinator’s guide to retirement – Feeling late to the party? These are the most critical tasks to take care of.
  • Esprit – our membership and insurance guide. Learn about RTOERO membership and retirement insurance.
  • Insurance comparison checklist – Learn what to look for when evaluating insurance options for retirement
Retirement Planning Bundle

Take the guesswork out of preparing for retirement.

Get instant access to the retirement planning bundle.

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