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How to protect your home while on vacation

When preparing to leave for vacation, keep in mind that the items you leave behind are just as important as the items you take with you. Following these simple steps can help you have a worry-free vacation.
  • Get a home monitoring system. With the expanding list of technology and products available, it’s now possible to check the status of your home with a simple click to make sure everything is the way you last left it. Keep up on regular home maintenance. Have a trusted neighbor or family member help with the upkeep of the lawn and watering the plants.
  • Having a house sitter such as a family member or friend, especially for longer trips can ensure that your house is being properly taken care of and eliminates the worry of your home being empty for an extended period of time.
  • Most importantly, lock everything. Double check to make sure all doors (including the garage) and windows are locked. Remember to have one final look at all points of entry before heading out.
    Now that the prep work is over, it’s time to relax, enjoy and travel!

Article courtesy of Johnson Inc.