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Monthly giving: A simple way to make your donations go further

There’s a reason donations flood into charities in December—it’s the tax cut-off. And while a gift any time of the year is helpful for the charity, there’s a better way to give that will benefit both you and the cause: recurring monthly donations.

Monthly giving is a simple and powerful way to bolster your support for your favourite charity.

I became a monthly donor for the convenience and because it’s easier to budget. In my opinion, my monthly gift has more of an impact for the Foundation throughout the year than a gift once a year.

 – Albert B., District 38

Four reasons why joining The Honour Roll, our monthly giving program, is the best way to support the RTOERO Foundation

The RTOERO Foundation is one of the only organizations in Canada funding critical research to understand the complex needs of seniors and innovative programming designed to improve the lives of this growing demographic.

Increasing our monthly donors is a priority because it provides a steady source of revenue to keep our annual granting programs robust and meaningful.

Imagine the ongoing impact you can make as a monthly supporter. Here are four ways monthly giving benefits both you and us:

Monthly giving helps charities plan

With a more predictable cash flow, we can spend less time fundraising and stay focused on fulfilling our mandate and planning future projects. We can focus on fulfilling our mission, planning future projects and reporting our progress back to you without worrying about where tomorrow’s funding will come from.

Monthly giving saves the charity money

There are fewer administrative requirements with monthly giving. More monthly donors help keep the foundation’s operating costs down, which means your donation goes further and makes a more significant impact than an annual gift.

Monthly giving helps you budget

You can spread your giving over a longer period of time and decide on a manageable monthly amount. Imagine if you typically donate $100 a year and you switched to a $10 per month gift.  Each monthly gift is modest and manageable, and your total contribution per year is only slightly higher.

Tax time is simplified with monthly giving

One cumulative tax receipt will be sent to you annually. No need to keep track of multiple receipts for donations made throughout the year, and not need for us to issue multiple tax receipts for various one-off donations.

How monthly giving works

It’s easy to set up a monthly gift. You can use our online form and select the ‘monthly’ option. Indicate how much you’d like to donate monthly. We will charge your credit card each month for the amount you authorized.

If you prefer to have the funds withdrawn from a bank account, you can submit a cheque marked “VOID” and we will set that up for you. We withdraw the funds on the 15th of each month.

If you need help, you can always call us. Learn more about how to set up your recurring monthly donation.

We’re so grateful that we gained 11 new monthly donors in 2021. We’ve set a target to welcome 25 new monthly donors in 2022 and we hope you’ll be one of them. By joining The Honour Roll, our monthly giving program, you’ll take your commitment to the RTOERO Foundation, and the thousands of people who benefit from our work, to the next level. And you’ll have even more reasons to feel good about the difference you’re making every single day of the year.