Travel insurance

You have travel insurance for trips up to 93 days through the RTOERO Travel Plan portion of your Extended Health Care Plan. If you’re traveling for longer than 93 days, you can easily add additional coverage.

Plan details

  • Customizable based on your needs – add five more days of coverage to extend trips to 98 days, or increase your coverage in 15-day blocks
  • Staying longer? Add coverage while you’re already on vacation
  • Coming home early? Downgrade if needed, and you’ll receive a refund
  • Premiums are added to your regular monthly payment and deducted in equal monthly installments
  • The benefits included in the supplemental plan are the same as the benefits included with the RTOERO Travel Plan


Premium rates are based on age and trip duration.

Request a quote or apply for coverage

By phone: 1-877-406-9007