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Volunteer Opportunities – Baycrest

Baycrest is working to defeat dementia and change the future of aging. Become a volunteer today and support our work to help older adults make their later years the best years of their lives. As a volunteer, you may:
• Experience working within a healthcare setting
• Interact with clients, healthcare workers, and researchers
• Access unique volunteer opportunities and learn new skills
Every volunteer assignment is diverse and meaningful, reflecting the volunteer’s passion and expertise. Some volunteers spend time socializing with clients, others provide eating assistance, participate in art, music and recreational activities and even participate in research projects. Here is a small sample of volunteer roles:
• Assisting with Therapeutic Recreational Programs
• Assisting clients in the Centre for Health Information
• Friendly Visiting
• Assisting with Special Events and Outing
Apply online today: www.baycrest.org/volunteer or via email [email protected] or 416-785-2500 x2572

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