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Travel to ICELAND – Land of Fire and Ice (Explore the Land from North to South)

Our second educational trips will be in early May, 2024 in Iceland. All trips are cultural and experiential in nature and physically active at a medium to moderate level (walking/hiking). This country is so different and environmentally diverse from a geological perspective that some say it’s like being on a different planet. Expect to see stunning fjords, breathtaking waterfalls, travel to a red mountain where mud boils and steam flows out of the earth by your feet with occasional geysers shooting up nearby. The land of volcanoes will show formations in Dimmuborgir (seen on “Game of Thrones” film). We will follow two large tectonic plates; learn about geothermal energy and climatic changes for Iceland. Our tour will include a visit to a family-led and a commercial Fishery, a local farm with a special breed of horses, go whale watching and bathe in a large “Icelandic Blue Lagoon”. Register by January 5 2024. For more info. contact me Roger Couture, PhD at [email protected]

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