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“The Burden of Guilt” – a novel – The perfect Christmas gift!

My co-authored novel “The Burden of Guilt” is now available on Amazon (paperback) or Kindle/Kobo (ebook). For those in Durham Region, I have copies at $20 if you’re in Durham Region. (I’m in Brooklin) Signed if you like! Read the fabulous reviews on Amazon.

Excerpt from book cover:
A Nazi war criminal extradited to France from Canada. A soldier’s war memorabilia, including a rambling diary, photos, and a loose page torn from a German ledger book. A 1944 prison escape involving leaders of the French Resistance. A country terrified to learn the truth about collaboration during the war and what happened to its legendary hero.

Set mainly in Paris in 1980, The Burden of Guilt asks who the real heroes were during the Nazi occupation of France. Are there still secrets that need to be hidden and, if so, why?

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