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Stereo Hi-Fi Audio floor model Speakers

For Sale by original owner.
Six floor-standing ‘Fidelio’ Made-in-Canada stereo speakers, in perfect condition, with wood cabinets.
There are two Fidelio RS300 speakers and four Fidelio RS350 speakers, made-in-Toronto by Huron Acoustics Company.
Sold in Canada by The Bay. Bought new in 1978. Perfect condition.
Sizes are approximately 12″ deep, 15″ wide, 25″ high, and each cabinet weighs about 35 pounds.
Each speaker cabinet has a 12″ woofer, a 5″ midrange speaker and a tweeter. Input is 8 Ohms, at 50 Watts.
These are acoustic-suspension type speakers.
The RS300 cabinet’s speakers can be tuned to the room’s acoustics by controls on the back panel.
Pricing: the two matching RS300 speakers are being sold together as a Pair at $200, and the four matching RS350 speakers are being sold together [for a Surround-Sound effect] as a unit of 4 at $400.

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