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SNAPSHOTS of Waterloo Region (self-drive road rally, scavenger hunt and history lesson)

ONLY $69 per vehicle! Are you starving to get out & go SOMEWHERE safe in your own ‘car bubble?’ We’ve created a fun opportunity to explore your own backyard. It is part-scavenger-hunt, part-amazing-race, part-road-rally, part-history-lesson, part-adventure, part-puzzle building and A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! We’ve designed an intriguing, SAFE, SELF-DRIVE (in your own vehicle) regional road trip with a focus on hyperlocal tourism. Our theme for Waterloo Region is INDUSTRY to INNOVATION and all that is IN BETWEEN. Fields Trips invites you to EXPLORE your backyard and DISCOVER the pieces of the puzzle. By way of using clues and directions, you’re encouraged to take photos along the way. You will be rewarded with a 500 piece puzzle as a reminder of your time exploring the Region. Our 4 routes all together takes approx 3 ½ hours. Check us out at https://www.fieldstrips.ca/collections/canada-tours/products/snapshots-of-waterloo-region-road-trip-road-rally-scavenger-hunt

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