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Online, effective Therapy

Do you have unwanted emotions, habits or phobias?
I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy® practitioner and have been 100% successful with my clients.
*Typically only one 90 minute session is required but no more than three.
*All sessions are conducted virtually online.
*I specialize in anxiety, depression and substance use (from breaking the wine o’clock habit to smoking, alcohol/drug addiction) but can also quickly and effectively treat stress, confidence/self-esteem, business performance, eating habits, self-care, etc.

RTT® is a brand new hybrid form of therapy using the best principles of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Developed by multi award-winning therapist, Marisa Peer out of the UK, RTT is quickly gaining global recognition as one of the most effective treatments available.

Please visit my website for more information or to book a free phone consultation.
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(905) 329-1410

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