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Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) – Education Volunteer Program

The Jet Aircraft Museum (JAM) Education volunteers come from very diverse backgrounds: retired military veterans, mechanics, retired teachers, technical and commercial professionals and more. They all share the same passion- aviation.
Using that passion, we educate elementary and high school students about the history of aviation, the science of flight and the practical skills of flying. Our visiting students have the chance to sit in the cockpit of an actual ex-military jet and try their skills on our flight simulators.
Our JAM Education Program offers students the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the Grade 6 Flight Unit with engaging and cross-curricular lessons. Our program follows the school year calendar and we have sessions that are both single day and weeklong programs.
If you have an interest in aviation and have the time and energy to share our aviation narrative please contact the “Education Program Council ” at [email protected]

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(519) 453-7000

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