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Bridges Canada Contract Instructor

Bridges is looking for teachers (for 2022-23) to work on a contract basis (full or part-time) to teach about assistive technology. Candidates should have a strong knowledge of reading and writing instruction as well as an aptitude and interest in the use of technology. Experience with G Suite is an asset.

The role
● train students and teachers in the use of assistive technology to support reading and writing across the curriculum.
● be part of the Bridges instructor team, participate both in school board meetings and general instructor meetings.
● liaise with the Bridges training coordinator and the Bridges Professional Learning Manager.

Key responsibilities
• communicate with training co-ordinator and schools regarding upcoming training sessions
• prepare curriculum materials to support assistive technology training
• instruct students individually, in small groups and/or as a whole class, either face to face or remotely

Please forward your resume to [email protected]

Contact Information

Phone Number

(416) 577-2576

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