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Brainworx Coach (online)

Start2Finish is a non-profit organization whose mission is to break the cycle of child poverty by providing educational support to students in grades 1-8. We focus on physical activity, literacy, and mentoring in our after school programs that run from October to May.

We have in-person programs in various regions and two virtual programs across the country, allowing flexibility to schedule volunteers when they are available.

Running & Reading Club: 2 hours, 1x/week, Tues-Thurs, in-person
Brainworx: 40 mins 2x/week, Tues-Thurs, virtual
Junior Coach Program: 1 hour, 1x/week, Mondays, virtual

Volunteers will be able to use their talents and skills, meet other like-minded people, improve their own wellbeing, and make a positive impact on the community.

Contact Information

Phone Number

(647) 241-6410

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