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Cataracts 101: How to identify, prevent and treat cataracts

Prepared by IRIS for RTOERO Foundation

Cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss in Canada and most commonly affect adults aged 60 and older. Cataracts are an inevitable condition of aging that cause a reduction in the quality of our vision. Years before cataracts are apparent, the microscopic proteins that make up the lens in our eyes start to break down and clump together. The clumps slowly cause the lens to become less clear, and eventually cloudy, allowing less light to pass through.

Fortunately, this problem, which affects almost everyone, can be treated. Cataract surgery, a medical procedure performed more than any other, corrects the problem and provides you with clear lenses that will last your lifetime.   

Can you slow down the progression of cataracts? Do diet and lifestyle have an impact? To learn more about the risk factors and how to prevent cataracts, read: What are cataracts? How can you prevent and treat cataracts?

In recognition of Cataract Awareness Month, which takes place every June, talk to your eye care professional if you think you have cataracts and to book an appointment for an eye evaluation.IRIS is a partner of the RTOERO Foundation. IRIS has been improving the vision of Canadians for over 30 years, offering exceptional products and services to meet all of your vision care requirements. RTOERO members and members of their household have access to savings on a full range of vision care products.