Preferred partnership protocol


As an organization that provides programs and services to its members, RTOERO, from time to time, may wish to enter into an agreement with an external organization or business with a view to providing added value for members. Such agreements would provide products and services of interest to and of benefit for our members, i.e. retired seniors, through partnerships with retailers and businesses, various organizations and agencies throughout Ontario and Canada. RTOERO will be diligent in ensuring that such partnerships do not jeopardize its not-for-profit status.

This Protocol is intended to facilitate the establishment of partnerships with organizations in which RTOERO members would benefit by receiving preferred rates on specific programs and services and/or special promotions on products and events.

Criteria for partnership

Organizations with a reputation for quality and service may be considered as preferred partners for providing products and services to RTOERO members. Such organizations and their products and services must be consistent with the mission and vision of RTOERO and uphold its professional image and reputation.

Products and services must be offered to all RTOERO members and should be easily accessible to all members, with information provided in both English and French. Any consideration of a new partnership should consider:

  • Reputational assets of the partner organization or business;
  • Advantages to RTOERO and its members;
  • Costs involved with the partnership, if any; and
  • Any special legal or financial requirements.

Partnerships will never be considered where products and/or services are of an illegal, antisocial, sexually explicit, hateful or otherwise objectionable nature.

Elements of a partnership

Partnership agreements are intended to be of benefit to members and should pose no risk to RTOERO in terms of human and/or financial resources.

Partnership agreements should contain the following elements:

  • The date the partnership takes effect, and date for consideration of renewal;
  • Process for renewal;
  • Process for termination;
  • Process for monitoring and evaluating the partnership;
  • Obligations of the partner organization, i.e. what is provided to members and under what conditions; and
  • Obligations of RTOERO, e.g. what is expected in terms of promotion and communication with members.

It is understood that RTOERO collects member information to administer the delivery of services to members; this includes the distribution of Renaissance magazine and other such publications. In accordance with privacy legislation, RTOERO never releases such information to organizations offering its products and services to members, without the express permission of members. As part of ongoing discussions related to the establishment of such partnerships, general information about membership may be shared. Thus, all preferred partners must sign an RTOERO Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

As appropriate, preferred partners will be recognized through the RTOERO website, promotional materials, publications, and at various conferences and meetings throughout the year. While certain products and services have been identified as being appropriately tailored for members, and/or offered at preferred rates in approved partnerships, RTOERO is not responsible for the suitability or quality of such products or services. Further, while members may be assisted in obtaining satisfaction from the providers of products and services, RTOERO cannot guarantee such satisfaction, nor is it liable for any damages that may occur from their purchase and/or use. Once a preferred partnership has been approved, participation of and by members is always voluntary. Members should never be pressured to patronize any particular partner.

Approval process

Requests for the consideration of a preferred partnership will be brought to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer by the Chief Administrative Officer, discussed by senior staff and be presented for consideration of approval to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will consider the appropriateness of such a partnership in accordance with the Forum-approval Preferred Partnership Protocol. Once a program/service is approved by the Board of Directors, the Chief Administrative Officer will be responsible for administering such program/service in conjunction with appropriate staff and in accordance with the Preferred Sponsorship Protocol.