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6 ways to create a happy retirement

Planning for retirement is a big step. From our experience talking to pre-retirees, here are six ways RTOERO can help you create your successful retirement journey.

Fear and loafing

We all dream about retirement, but we’re not necessarily eager to grow older. So we may put off retirement planning – many people spend more time planning for a big vacation than for life after 65. But we may spend more years in retirement than in employment. RTOERO has many resources to help you get started.

Show me the money

Research shows that only 12% of Gen Xers have estimated their retirement needs. Many of us wonder – how much is enough, especially for a retirement that might last 35 years or longer? RTOERO hosts retirement planning workshops across Ontario – attending one is a great way to learn how to calculate retirement needs, learn about lifestyle options and speak one-on-one with experts.

Time travel

Many of our RTOERO members say they wish they’d started planning earlier. For you, these retired members are like your personal time machine – connect with them to gain advice and perspective.

Get your groove on

“Retirement” and “seniors” are terms that may not resonate for you. RTOERO helps our members make the most of the healthy active lifestyle they want to enjoy in the “awesome years.”

People like me

Friendships are key to a healthy retirement. With RTOERO, you can join a member organization of more than 75,000 education professionals who share your interests and life experience. Almost 20 per cent of RTOERO members come from the Catholic education community. Joining RTOERO a few years before you retire helps you to build a new network to ensure a smooth transition when you’re ready for the next life stage.


I always say that education is hard work, but it’s also “heart work.” Professionals in the education community love what they do. So it’s important to be retiring to something, not just from something. Whatever your plan for your next adventure, RTOERO offers the world-class programs and services to help make your dreams a reality.

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