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5 services provided by Best Doctors

Do you tend to accept your doctor’s treatment plan without a second look? If you’re more likely to consult with “Dr. Google” for a second opinion rather than make an appointment to see a separate physician, Best Doctors is a service you can benefit from.

Best Doctors connects you to the expertise of the best medical minds in the world. Its range of services can be accessed at no additional cost once you are an RTOERO extended health care plan holder.

Here are 5 Best Doctors services that you may find helpful:

FindBestDoc – With this service, Best Doctors helps you locate family doctors and specialists based on your location and medical history.

InterConsultation – Best Doctors medical specialists can analyze your medical records such as X-rays and test results to produce a detailed summary which provides recommendations towards your existing diagnosis and treatment plan.

FindBestCare – Best Doctors can locate treatment specialists outside of Canada in more than 450 specialties and subspecialties so that you can find the expert(s) best suited to your needs.

Medical Records e-Summary – Best Doctors collects all of your medical records and puts them on a USB key so that they are easily accessible when you are on the go or travelling.

Extended access to family members – All of the Best Doctors services offered to RTOERO extended health care plan holders can also be accessed by your parents, parents-in-law and children even if they aren’t covered under your RTOERO health plan.

To get started, visit them online or call Best Doctors directly at 1-877-419-2378.