Enjoy retirement Healthy living


Members of the education community understand the three Rs. But for retirees, it comes down to the five Rs – five pillars for a happy retirement.

  1. REJUVENATE your life:
    With the pace of work, you can get stuck into certain behaviours and habits. Now’s the chance to make a fresh start.
  2. RENEW your interests:
    Revisit old pastimes or pick up new ones – whatever engages and inspires you.
  3. Respect your limitation:
    Instead of regretting what you can no longer do, rejoice in your current activities. Treat yourself with care.
  4. Reward yourself:
    Be as busy or leisurely as you wish. That freedom is its own reward.
  5. REFOCUS your energies:
    Now, you will have time for things in life that may not have received the attention they deserved – family, friends and health, not to mention your passions outside work.