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5 apps to help keep you socially connected

This article first appeared in Liaison, our member newsletter.

Thanks to technology, connecting with others and enjoying activities together has never been easier. While apps can never replace time in person, they may help. Here are five apps to try:

WhatsApp – WhatsApp is a popular app that allows you to send text messages, make phone calls with or without video, send and receive pictures and exchange voice messages – even internationally.

– Two popular platforms include Zoom and Skype. These apps have similar functions and both are super options for video calling. Zoom allows up to 100 people on a call so no one will be left out!

 – Twitter is one of the most effective and efficient platforms to express your opinions and follow world news and entertainment happenings in real-time.

Netflix Party –
 An easy way to “host” movie nights! Netflix Party allows you to watch a program on Netflix at the exact same time as others, and chat about it in real time.

Heads Up! – 
Heads Up! Is the perfect app to get everyone laughing! Friends and family give clues to a mystery word, hoping you can guess it as quickly as possible. Categories from movies to animals ensure fun for all.


New to the technology? You can learn by doing! Perhaps make it a goal to set up regular video chats with a friend who lives out of town.

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